Blockchain-Powered IT Companies: The Future of Business Solutions

• Dell Technologies is a leader in IT, which has adapted to the blockchain revolution.
• FunFair uses blockchain as an alternative payment method for its online casino platform.
• Other successful companies such as IBM and Microsoft are also utilizing blockchain technology in their operations.

Dell Technologies: Rock Around the Blockchain

Dell Technologies is a leading tech company providing solutions from hardware to software. They have embraced the blockchain revolution and created an interest group to research challenges businesses face while implementing blockchain applications in their operations. Fellow Stever Todd’s paper “Rock Around The Blockchain” explains a part of this research, while his interview briefly covers it all. Years ago, DELL already started accepting Bitcoin payments as one of the few big firms daring enough to do so at that time.

FunFair – Alternative Payment Method

FunFair uses blockchain as an alternative payment method for its online casino platform with different games powered by Ethereum smart contracts and Fate Channels. This setup allows players to make wagers without having to wait for transactions to be mined. FunFair puts emphasis on security, and not only holds licenses from multiple jurisdictions but also offers customers encrypted wallets which cannot be accessed by anyone except them.

IBM & Microsoft Embracing Blockchain Technology

IBM has been heavily involved in developing enterprise-grade solutions for industries such as healthcare or banking that use permissioned blockchains like Hyperledger Fabric or Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA). Microsoft Azure offers developers tools and infrastructure they need when building decentralized applications (dApps) on top of the public Ethereum network or other networks like Quorum or Corda R3 Consortium. Additionally, Microsoft has recently announced that it will offer its own cryptocurrency platform called Azure Blockchain Tokens (ABT).

Other Companies Using Blockchain

Other big names such as Foxconn Technology Group, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Corporation are also using blockchain technology in some form or another either internally or through partnerships with companies such as ConsenSys Solutions LLC., Chainlink Network and Blockstream Corporation who provide tailored services for them focusing mainly on enterprise applications of distributed ledger technology (DLT).


Blockchain technology is here to stay and more companies are bound to join the ranks over time. Businesses should keep themselves informed about what’s going on in terms of development so that they can decide if it makes sense for them to invest resources into creating products using this revolutionary technology or partnering with existing providers that can provide tailored solutions designed specifically for them.